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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Breaking Down the Chain Effects of Cupping

When it comes to self cupping, people have different goals. No matter what cupping goals you may have, the body responds with effects that are similar in all mammals. The Chain Effects of Cupping flow into one another as the previous effect leads to the next.

Effect #1 “Where there is hydration, there is softening.”

Cupping’s lifting action lets water flow into your body’s connective tissue called Fascia. Fascia is primarily made up of collagen and water and is a slippery, fluid texture when healthy. When fascia is dehydrated a tightening happens. Softening occurs when cupping is performed as the water that flows in rehydrates the area.

Effect #2 “Where there is softening, there is flexibility.”

The softening of fascia makes it easier to flex, bend, twist and move the body. Because fascia runs through muscles, it loosens the muscles and makes movement easier.

Effect #3 “Where there is flexibility, there is space created.”

Fascia crosses over your joints as it forms your tendons and ligaments. When flexible and hydrated fascia crosses over your body’s joints, there is less pressure and tightness at the joint. Tightness around your joints can create pain and immobility.

Effect #4 “Spaciousness leads to correct body posture.”

Space at your joints (You have 360 of them!) helps fight gravity and makes it easier to roll your shoulders back and stand tall. Body posture becomes more natural and easy.

Effect #5 “Where there is correct body posture, there is proper function.”

When your body has correct body posture, your daily tasks are easier with less chance for injury. Proper body function allows for multiple degrees of movement, a full range of motion and more energy. Now, who doesn’t want all that?

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