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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Cupping Marks Explained


Circular, splotchy or spotted markings you may get from using your CelliCUPP® are not bruises. A loose definition of a bruise is: A discoloration as a result of a blunt force trauma. Cupping is quite the contrary to a blunt force trauma, as it is a negative pressure.  Cupping lifts up on the body and provides a decompression rather than compression. It is the lifting action which brings up the discolorations.

What are the discolorations from?

Any color that arises to the skin is indication that blood flow has been brought into the area. A light pink color means new circulation has rushed into the area. A color such dark purple means the underlying muscle tissue has had long term tension or a past injury.  The dark color is "unearthed" blood that will be detoxified as the lymphatic system works to clean and re-deposit the blood into the body for re-use. After the color has risen it may take 1-10 days for markings to dissipate. 


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