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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

CELLICUPPING your “muffin top” and back pain away at the same time!

Science alert! In our bodies we all have a connective tissue called Fascia. Fascia runs from the tip of your toes to your cranium. There are some areas, like the waist, where fascia surrounds the body like a hula hoop. This hoop contributes to a muffin top look and runs from either side of the navel to the lower spine of the back. Kind of like a meridian found on a globe of the earth.

The “hoop” is there for stability, but long periods of sitting, poor knee function or inflammation of the stomach or back, can increase the “hula hoop” tension, making it become more like a tight elastic band. Muffin tops don’t just occur the moment the button meets the hole, they are present when the ”ring” of fascia becomes dehydrated. The jeans just make us notice.

CELLICUPPING along the fascial ring restores hydration to dehydrated fascia. The lifting action to the skin actually creates small spaces where H20 can enter and rehydrate fascia thus giving the fascia back its pliability. The result is a less tense back, a smoother side body and toned look.

Do it:

For in the shower cupping: Get wet. Apply a lubrication such as shower gel. Start your muffin top melt away with a Squeeze/Place/Release cupping action for 1 -2 minutes on the whole abdominal area. When the area has been prepped and warmed up, start to glide CELLICUPP® around the sides of the midsection. Incorporate “against the grain” and eraser-like movements along the muffin top line. Repeat daily for faster release of fascia. Maintain waist shape with occasional CELLICUPPING. Extra benefit tip: Add on clock wise motions around the navel for digestion aid.

Looking good and feeling good at the same time? Yes please!

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