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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Cupping for “Cankles” and Foot Health Too!

Loose definition of a “Cankle”:
The loss of the defined look of the calf and ankle of the lower leg so that the calf and ankle appear as one or joined.

The undesired “cankled” appearance can now be addressed! Cupping helps remove unwanted tension in the ankle and calf area which can restore the shape to the lower leg. While you whittle away the cankle appearance, your feet will benefit too.

Position yourself either seated or standing (Try it standing sometime!) so you can place the palms of your hands on either sides of your lower leg. Start by squeezing CELLICUPP® and placing it onto the lower leg. Release the cupp and feel the suction lift up. Repeat again but move to a slightly different location.

Concentrate around the “achilles tendon” (above the heel extending up to middle of calf) while rolling your ankle. Experience more range of motion and flexibility in the ankle.

Use your cone CELLICUPP® on either sides of the achilles tendon by dragging in an upward motion (towards the back of knee). Address both sides of heels.

Treating the lower legs with a draining technique at the end can bring relief to sore toes and feet, encourage lymphatic fluid movement and reduce swelling due to prolonged standing. Kick up your feet after treatment and enjoy the “tingly” sensation from new blood flow, healthy skin glow and aesthetic look! Cup often for quick results. Maintain healthy lower leg muscle, fascia and look with the use of your CELLI anytime.

Feet and lower legs benefit from increased blood flow, increased flexibility and skin health.

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