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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Get Moving!

When it comes to cellulite, CELLICUPP® smooths cellulite visibly and to the touch. In order to “Celli your jelly” you must move your Cellicupp along the skin so your fascia, (fat’s partner in crime in creating cellulite) will be released and rehydrated. A little bit a day can add up to big benefits! 30 seconds - one minute on each area of cellulite brings major blood flow which aids in detoxification.

Try Cellicupping in the shower! Wet your skin. Apply your shower gel. Grab your Cellicupp® and get cupping on your areas you wish to detoxify, increase skin tone and smooth cellulite. Move the Cellicupp® in a vigorous motion to remove fascial tension and hydrate the area. You can make circles, scribbles, zig zags or any movement that feels good for you. You can use the top of the cupp as a handle or use two hands to move your Cellicupp®.

Saying goodbye to cellulite and toxins never hurt so good!

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