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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping


It’s time to cheer for you!  What’s wrong with self love?  Besides, you give your all to your family, friends and daily activities, so why not give attention to the person that’s making that all happen…You! You can start by making simple, time conscious self care techniques be part of your life. 

Detoxification, body hydration, and breast health are just a few things you can increase by Cupping Therapy, but you can also benefit your body by doing “mini sessions” of self care stretching. As humans imitate by example, you may inspire other family members to do the same!

One possible time to self care could be walking to another room in the house. Try this: Clasp your hands as far over the head as you can and squeeze your head with your biceps. Think this: Down with shoulders while reaching for the sky . A little bit goes a long way! 5 seconds today and 5 seconds tomorrow can release tight necks and shoulders and help fight gravity in our ever compressed spines. You may be surprised at the progress you can make in your shoulder and upper back mobility. Bonus: When combined with a few deep breaths, this exercise s great for lifting up the waistline while increasing energy and self confidence.

Cheers to you!

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