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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Self Care Can Be Affordable, Fun and Enjoyable.

Walking, hiking, jogging and running are all great ways to enjoy the outdoors. With self care awareness rising, there are a few other great ways to better your body and wallet. 

FITCUPP® is an easy to use, squeezable tool which relieves tension and discomfort associated with exercise. Just pick a place you want to relieve tension, squeeze FITCUPP® and place it on the area. Leave the cupp on the area for 1-5 minutes. Release FITCUPP® by squeezing and lifting off the body. Save time and money by avoiding expensive and time consuming treatment such as massage and chiropractic visits.

Sweatcoin is an application that turns your walking and running steps into digital currency. You may purchase various items with your accumulated digital currency. Carrying your phone while exercising outside activates the step counter so more reason to get outside and be active.

Massage Therapy is an ancient therapy where a practitioner massages the recipient to remove unwanted tensions and pain. While the cost of massage therapy can be expensive, it has been proven in many ways to benefit both those who have active lifestyles and do not.


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