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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Self Cupping Therapy with FITCUPP® for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis presents itself as pain under the foot primarily close to the heel. Even though the pain is under the foot, for the true cause of plantar fasciitis look above the heel.  The achilles tendon, calf, hamstring or hip can be to blame.

Cupping therapy can rehydrate the tissues that may attribute to pain under the foot. The achilles tendon, located under the calf, is made up of 63% water and normally is flexible.  When there is inflammation at the achilles tendon, it can become tight, dry and sticky. The result is a pull at the bottom of the foot. Cupping the muscles along the backside of the leg, such as calf and hamstring can increase flexibility by increasing water content as well.  Working on these muscles will provide ease to the pull on the bottom of the foot.


Find the FITCUPP® suitable for the size of your body. Place FITCUPP® along the backside muscles of the leg and include the lower back.  Let each placement of the cupp sit for 3 minutes. Use multiple cupps at the same time. You may incorporate ankle rolls of leg movement to increase the pull of the cupp. Repeat daily until the pain subsides. To keep plantar fasciitis at bay, occasionally FITCUPP® and include back side of leg stretching on days when not self cupping. Try placing while in the shower, watching tv or wherever suits you!

Time to step pain free and become leg healthy!

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