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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Use Your Cellicupp® in the Shower!

Have you been searching for cellulite cupping techniques? Well, here you go! The set of Cellicupp® Essentials will bring you from the beginning of your cupping journey and beyond.

Start by using your smallest suction cupp (the Cellicupp® Cone Cupp). Pick a place to Cellicupp and get the area wet. Apply a shower gel or other water soluble lubrication. (Note: Using oils in the shower can be of hazard.) Grab your Cellicupp® and squeeze it. Place it on the area and make contact with the skin. Release your hands. The cupp should have suction. While ensuring suction, start to move the cupp in small circles progressing to larger circles.

When you are ready for more suction, move onto the Cellicupp® Small Dome Cupp. You may advance and work at a deeper level by incorporating a "scribbling" or "zig zag" technique. Ready for more suction? If not, no worries, just use what level cupp suits your comfort level. Cellicupping should not be self care treatment that makes you grit your teeth.  Stay in your comfort level and progress when/if the time is right.

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