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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Why CELLICUPPING Works on Cellulite

With just a squeeze of your CELLICUPP you are just moments away from the cellulite-lifting experience that softens cellulite visibly and to the touch…forever.

The CELLICUPP’s “sucking” action lifts up the skin, and underlying connective tissue called Fascia (Fa-she-ah). Fascia is supposed to be fluid, stretchy and hydrated. Areas of cellulite are created when your fascia is dehydrated, tight and stiff. The lifting action of CELLICUPP creates separation in the tissues underneath the skin thus allowing H20 and blood flow to enter the area and rehydrate the cellulite area.

The H2O rehydrates the fascia and blood flow assists in removing toxins out of the area. Cellulite starts to disappear with use of the CELLICUPP. Use your CELLICUPP for maintenance to fight fascia tension!

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