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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Cup Your Way to Fabulous Fascia

Daaahlings… Are you fascially fabulous? Yes. You are. You have fabulousness forever in you because you have fascia. The white substance intermixed with muscle on the anatomical models in the image is fascia. Fascia is comprised of collagen and water and provides flexibility to muscle and supports our posture. There is one thing that can take away fascia fabulousness: dehydration. Fascia dehydration can lead to poor posture and put a cramp in your “just standing on my toes taking a selfie” pose. (Pic!)

Daily life can contribute to fascial dehydration. Lack of movement for prolonged periods of time such as sitting can dehydrate fascia of the hips, thighs and derrière. On the opposite side of the spectrum, too much repetitive movement (such as typing) can result in fascia inflexibility in the wrist and arm. Inflammation is another way your body’s fascia can become dehydrated. Heat “cooks” fascia and dehydrates its normal, fluid state into a sticky glue. Body bloat is a result of inflammation.

Did you know that cupping yourself can make your fascia fabulous again? Cupping provides hydration to skin, fascia and muscle. Rehydration starts when a cupping tool makes contact with the skin and suction is lifting. The lifting action opens up the area to make way for H20 and blood flow. Fascia returns to its water and collagen matrix state and is rehydrated.

A minute of cupping a day keeps your fascia at play… and fabulous!

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