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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

Cupping for Youth

Whether it's soccer, band, braces or the repercussions of prolonged tech usage, body tension is present in children. Tension can present itself in many forms. Headaches, shin splints, back ache or neck pain all can be caused by muscle tension. What to do about these big issues in little bodies? Introduce cupping therapy!

Welcome into your family's world the curing benefits of cupping therapy. Fitcupp® products come in different sizes which are safe for the whole family. The silicone cupps work to release tightness and "muscle knots" in a gentle, non invasive way. So simple, just a squeeze of the hand can begin the benefits on your loved one. 

Here is how to Fitcupp® your family: 1.Find the area where the discomfort is. 2.Choose a cupp that suits the area's size (starting out with the Fitcupp® cone cupp is a great way to introduce cupping to youth). 3.Squeeze the cupp. 4.Place it on the body and release your hands (the cupp should have suction). 5.Leave Fitcupp® on for 1 - 5 minutes (you may leave longer as one becomes accustomed to the feel of suction). 6.Remove the cupp by squeezing.

Besides tension relief in the recipient, the results may be a discoloration on the skin in the shape of a circle or splotches. This is normal. The suction lifts the skin, muscle and a connective tissue called fascia (Fah-she-ah). Blood is flooding the area underneath the cupp. This action is bringing in nutrient rich blood to muscle tissue resulting in a "cupp mark". The cupp mark can last for a couple hours or for multiple days. The mark will fade over time as the lymphatic system moves the toxins to the lymph nodes for cleaning. The process is a healthy way to detoxify the body.

Helpful information regarding headaches. If you can not cup directly on the area of discomfort, the neck is a great place to cup. The upper back and neck hold a great amount of tension as these areas are always in action. If the cupp will not stay on the area check to see if you are on a bony area of on the hairline. Both of these factors will contribute to your Fitcupp® not having the availability to suction.

Save time. Save money. Fitcupp® for family health.

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