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Contemporary Cupping

Contemporary Cupping

How Do I Use Silicone Cups?

A great question! 

 While there are many uses for silicone cups, how you use them can determine different outcomes. The sizes of Fitcupp® and Cellicupp® do matter. The smaller the opening of the cupp determines the amount of suction it will produce. Smaller openings create less suction. Larger openings can create greater suction. Sometimes you may have to use a smaller cupp on areas that are small. Know you you are getting therapy. Be patient. It just may take a little longer to see results. Don't be afraid to start with smaller cupps. Cupping may be uncomfortable so starting with smaller cupps can "prime" the area for the use of a larger cupp.

Use for spot treatment of tension or muscle "knot". 1.)Grab your cupp of choice. 2.)Squeeze the cupp. Squeezing higher will produce less suction. Squeezing lower will produce more suction. 3.)Place the cupp on the area of tension. Make a connection with the skin so the cupp is flat to the skin. Note: if you are on a bony area, the cupp will not have a full ability to suction so you may need to slightly move to a close by area. 4.)Release the cupp. Suction should to start to occur. If it doesn't suction try 3 or 4 times. You may have an area that is resistant to cupping because the tissue is tight or you may be on a bony area. 5.) Let the cupp sit on the area up to 15 minutes. Let the cupp do the work! You will still get benefits even if the cupp stays for lesser minutes. Cupping therapies should not be unbearable. If it is too painful, downsize your cupp and work your way up to stronger suction. Option: move your body. i.e. if you have shoulder tension and you place cupp on/around shoulder, you can move your arm around in different directions to increase the cupp's pull. Likewise, if you are trying to release the I.T. Band on the leg, you may gently swing your leg or simply rotate at the hip. If the cupp pops off, replace and reduce your  range of motion. 6.) Squeeze the cupp to remove.

Use your cupp for area tension. Use multiple cupps and place on and around the area or use one cupp and repeat above sequence until the area has been covered.

Use for cellulite smoothing. This is an action based cupping technique. You will be moving the cupp. 1.) Pick a place you would like to smoothe cellulite. 2.) Pick your cupp. This technique can be painful so start with a lesser suctioning cupp and work your way up to more suction. 3.) Apply an oil or perform this technique in the shower with a lathering shower gel. You are going to be moving the cupp so you will need either shower gel (that you apply when you are wet) or if you are performing this technique out of the shower you can use oils. Lather or spread the lubrication all over the areas of choice.*Conserve water and shut off water while you are self cupping in shower.*  4.) Squeeze your cupp. 5.) Place your cupp in the area you would like to soften. 6.) Release the cupp (suction should start and the cupp should stay put). 7.) Try to maintain suction as you slowly move the cupp in small circles. (You can increase the size of the movement as you perfect your technique.). Do this over the entire area for as little time or as much time as you see fit. Because this is a moving technique, don't be surprised if the cupp you are using becomes detached. Reconnect with the skin and keep trying!

Use your cupp for detoxification. Any way you decide to use your silicone Fitcupp® or Cellicupp® you will be detoxifying the area. 


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